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Coco Peat

Coco Peat is a natural product derived from Coconut Husks and is widely used in organic farming. We are one of the prime coco peat manufacturers and exporters in India. The aerated structure of our product enables in farming. The major role is due to its water absorbent property, and excellent soil conditioning property. Our monthly production capacity as of now is 200-250 Tonnes of different types of coco peat with a aim to increase further in future. We already have recorded buyers in Internationally for this product. Coco Peat is dried and processed to produce Coco Peat 5 kg blocks and loose bags. It is sieved, washed and dried in sunlight to lay off any sand mixed with it. This product is widely used in planting requirements like turf farming, vegetable gardens, rose cultivations, propagating, and golf course green as base material or soil and potting mixes. It is an excellent growing medium for hydroponics or container plant growing. Coco Peat has natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties.


Shape Square
Usage Agriculture
Grade Agriculture Grade
Color Brown
Weight Approx. 5 Kg
Moisture 10 to 15%

  • Coco Peat Low EC

  • Coco Peat High EC

  • Coco Peat Loose Bags

  • Coco Peat Disc

  • Cocopeat Loose

  • Coco Peat

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